Learn Medical English with
Marilyn Stoner,
IELTS Certified, RN, PhD

Dr. Marilyn Stoner

She can help you learn to care for English-speaking people.


Your lessons are structured to be complete, interesting, and focused on real-world information.

As a long-time tutor, researcher, and educator, Dr. Stoner is passionate about helping people achieve their goals. She is there to support you.

Whether you are planning to be a healthcare worker (nurse, doctor, technician, or whoever), you can learn how to promote your own health and talk with providers about your health issues.

Each lesson will include material preparatory information, a lesson outline and content focused on specific topics. You can also select the topic you would like to learn about. The lessons work together to assure you have a basic understanding of healthcare. Or they work individually or you can do them in any order. You can also create your plan.

Students value organization and consistency in learning. Dr. Stoner provides that and more.

You can sign up for one or more 30-minute or 1 hour sessions and be prepared to work and enjoy learning with her.

To get started, I offer a 15-minute session to discuss your goals via WhatsApp or Zoom. Schedule your session today and take the first step towards achieving your goals with medical English.

We’ll take a look at your goals and how learning English focused on medical terminology can help you. I know I can help you. I am here for you. Click here to schedule your first session. You will take a 15 assessment and then select a time to speak with me.

Email me if I do not have an available time that is convenient for you.
We can work out a time to talk. Click here to email me (eslmarilynstoner@gmail.com)

When working with Dr. Stoner, your goals are her goals.

She uses real-world examples to teach you to listen, read, and talk with native English speakers rapidly.

She also uses traditional sources for teaching all the usual grammar content including all forms of art including word games, music, art, and movies. A great YouTube video is by Eric Church Talladega here.

Along the way, She will give you tips for learning English in record time.

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Success stories

Dr. Stoner was so helpful with my article for my publication. She helped with grammar and structure. As a mentor she was open and encouraging. Click here.

Marilyn was so helpful; helping me with English. She had so many ways to make it interesting.




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